When I was at University in Auckland in 1996 studying Graphic Design,  I remember one of my tutors once said ‘Not many people get to design book covers, you know, you have to be pretty lucky’. Well, it seems I got lucky, because that’s what I do, I design books covers. So far over 100 of them, I’ve really loved it too.

From 2004-2012 I worked in-house at HarperCollins Publishers, in Sydney, and also freelanced for Random House, Allen & Unwin, Hardie Grant, Murdoch Books, Scholastic, Little Hare and McGraw Hill.

I am now in partnership in a great little book making company called Captain Honey (www.captainhoney.com.au), and also work freelance designing books, and covers and yes, I still love it.

In 2006 I won the Young Designer of the Year at the Australian Publishers Association Book Design Awards. Since then I have had 6 other books shortlisted. In 2011, a beautiful children’s book I worked on with author Jackie French and illustrator Sue DeGennaro, won the Children’s Picture Book of the year.

What excites me the most is that every book is a new idea, a new creation, a new opportunity, after reading a few chapters it becomes alive in my imagination and unfolds from there. Sometimes the perfect idea or image presents itself straight away, other times it takes a bit more digging around, some contemplation, and even the odd glass of wine.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I’d love to hear from you, so should you have a book that needs designed, please do drop me a line.



Oh, by the way, these are a few of the really nice things that people  have said about me, and my work.

“…a highly creative designer who is very talented. Her design work is outstanding and she has designed some wonderful books for us including Pomegranate soup, Lost Voices, Gingerboy and Paperbliss – the list goes on and on! Her concepts are original and have a unique, creative edge to them which always surprise and delight us.”

Helen Biles, Creative Director, HarperCollins Publishers

“Natalie, You are so clever! What a magnificent edition of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie – it is breathtakingly beautiful, and really something special.”

– Belinda Yuille, Managing Editor, HarperCollins Publishers

“… my thanks to the team especially Jessica and Natalie who should be put on a pedestal, the design is so engaging and so inviting… And as I have shown it to family and friends and also this morning to my colleagues they all go ‘wow’ and I do not think they are just being polite. The most common reaction is ‘it looks like a fun read’ and also ‘the pictures make it easier to swallow’ or some similar way of saying they love the design and it looks tempting.”

– Jon Faine on his book From Here to There

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